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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

INLANDLIGHT provides digital marketing services with over 20 years of experience. We offer affordable solutions for startups, small businesses, and growing companies. Our digital marketing services help our clients lower the total cost of marketing while increasing sales. We have seen extreme improvements with some results that total over 1000% return on investment.

Social Media Digital Marketing

Social media marketing – selecting the right agency

There are a million reasons why social media marketing is crucial to your business.  American cell phone use is nearly constant, and out of the many possible uses of that tiny computer companion, social media is the most popular online activity, easily taking up 3 hours a day on average. For sheer raw business visibility...
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Digital Marketing Strategy Blog

What is a “digital marketing strategy”?

Or perhaps the better questions to ask is what’s a good digital marketing strategy? After all, the business world is full of fad buzzwords a flashy consultant will throw at you to dazzle. But before we write them off, these buzzwords usually do refer to very real and valuable concepts we can utilize to improve...
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