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20343 N. Hayden Rd, Suite 105, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
602-428-8066 | info@inlandlight.com

Website Design

Websites that convert

INLANDLIGHT provides startups, small businesses, and growing companies superior website strategy, design, and development services. In short, we have over 25 years of experience building websites of all types and for many diverse industries. At the same time, we understand small business needs and budget constraints.  Our unique approach allows us an advantage that has proven to produce excellent results for our clients.

Website Design

Make an impression

First, fighting for your customers attention requires your best foot forward. In most cases, your website is the first connection a potential customer makes. Immediately, you need to attract, connect, and convert your potential customer.  The website must look good, load fast, and function correctly. Without delay, your message and brand must help position you and your business while delivering a clear message and call to action

Best technology & structure

Above all, websites built correctly produce better results. In reality, great-looking websites that are not capable of being found by search engines, or have a bad user experience, will cause negative impacts on the business. Specifically, our team of designers and developers understand the importance of good technical coding, user experience, SEO, website optimization, and customer conversion. Our work is led by over 25 years of experience building websites.  In addition, we have established partnerships with top IT, delivery networks,  website & internet security,  and website technology cloud hosting companies that provide INLANDLIGHT with the fastest top-tiered cloud hosting solutions available online today. 

We work with all the popular website frameworks

Website Frameworks

How we build a business website

website design proven development process

Proven development
process & strategy

We’ve spent over 20 years refining a proven strategy, method, and process. No matter how small or large your website or development project may be, we make it easy for you!

customer conversion optimized icon

Customer conversion

It’s not just a pretty face! Our sites have the proper coding, usability, and functionality that you will be able to continue to expand upon and grow. Our solutions allow you to scale.

built in analytics reporting icon

Built in analytics &
reporting technology

Not only do we design your site with beauty, we also give it a brain. It captures the data that’s most valuable, and keeps reports on exactly what’s going on.

responsive design icon

Professional, responsive
design & layout

To be sure your website converts visitor to customer at it’s highest possible rate, we make sure your website is completely responsive on all computer and internet devices.

Why hire INLANDLIGHT to help build your website?

Meet the founder Len Morales Jr. Len provides his top three reasons why. 
(video length under 2 minutes.)

What our clients say

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  • INLANDLIGHT was referred by another professional matchmaker who also gave them a high recommendation. They quickly assessed our needs and put together a plan to help us. They helped us gain control over our websites, setup our own cloud server, and now our sites are much faster. They have handled many web tasks quickly and accurately, and it’s like having a technology and marketing agency in-house. We have already seen improvements with our SEO and positions in a short amount of time. They have also began writing blogs and handling our social media, and we couldn’t be happier with their performance and turnaround times. INLANDLIGHT and Len Morales is responsive to our needs and truly cares about our business. We are extremely excited to be partnered with INLANDLIGHT and look forward to growing our business. We give them our highest recommendations.

    Nancy Gold
    Nancy Gold Zimmer Ph.D.
    Relationship Coach, Elite Matchmaker
  • I am the owner of Champaign Tattoo. Len Morales worked with me and Ray Allen, the other artist here. He worked around our schedule. Showed us examples of different styles of websites, letting us chose the direction of the new website. He brought out some inner drive in ourselves, being quite persistent at times. Continuing in the same direction at all times. We could never have gotten our website looking this sharp without his help! Not to mention helping design a cool logo to boot! We were also pleased with how quick Google recognized our website. P.S. Please note that working long distance through the phone and email created no issues what so ever.

    Ray Allen Tattoo Website Owner
    Ray Allen
    Shop Owner
  • Len was exceptional. A real professional at his trade. What could have been an emotionally draining experience for me, was made a pleasure. His knowledge of SEO and website setup along with all things WordPress was so helpful and got me started on my new adventure into my own landscape design future! I highly recommend him to anyone!

    Lisa Burton
    Lisa Chestnut
    project director at burton landscape architecture studio
  • INLANDLIGHT played an integral role in developing the contemporary look and dynamic feel of my company’s website. Len Morales and his team provided me with the creative guidance and cutting edge technical expertise necessary to bring to life everything I had envisioned. Now, when people visit my site I end up with compliments and with clients!

    Dana Kaproff
    Commercial music composer
  • I had a previous issue with the last website developer, he just couldn’t execute on my vision and seemed like little progress was made over an extended period. From the start, you made me feel comfortable. You spent time with me on the phone explaining your process and ideas for my website. You made the whole process easy, and again I couldn’t ask for a better experience. Now, I don’t have to worry about my website; you made it easy for me to focus on my art and painting. I’m thrilled with the outcome, and as a bonus, I did a search in google for “Jim Munoz Art, ” and I come up in the first place position out of two million search results. Again, I couldn’t be happier with INLANDLIGHT, your professionalism, creativity, experience, and your overall caring attitude.

    Jim Munoz
    Jim Munoz
    Fine artist
  • INLANDLIGHT provides solid internet, and IT consulting for our firm, and has been our vendor of choice for over 10 years. They have created many custom designed applications for both internal business management and external client facing requirements. All projects completed on time, within our budget, and at fair prices. They continue to provide IT systems support and excellent customer service with faster than average turnaround times. We highly recommend them to any growing organization. They recently redesigned our website and produced a website that is dynamic, professional and conveys our image and brand in a positive manner. Len and his team handle changes, updates or other technical issues quickly. I highly recommend INLANDLIGHT for digital marketing or other website design and development needs.

    Peter Afrasiabi
    Peter Afrasiabi
    Founding partner, One LLP
  • I wanted to send a big thank you to Len and his team for a job well done. From start to finish Len has been very responsive to needs and concerns. The concepts I had were beautifully translated into a visual work of art that captures the spirit of our company. Len is a professional that truly cares and I would without question or reservation, highly recommend Len and his staff of experts. Len, I look forward to working with you on future projects!

    Brand Development
    Von Hodge
    CEO, Owner
  • I hired INLANDLIGHT in 2017, they provided us with a fast response to our immediate issue. I felt comfortable knowing that I could trust this company with my EXTREMELY sensitive website access information. In addition to solving our problem, INLANDLIGHT made additional SEO and website recommendations that I will be implementing in the future that will help us further secure, manage, and grow our online business and website. I was thoroughly impressed with this companies knowledge, rapid response times, and overall caring nature of Len and his team!

    Erica Arrechea
    Co-Founder Cinqe.com
  • Exceptional website development service and team. Len e-troduced himself to me as a website developer who can vastly improve my old law firm website. Without paying him a nickel, he performed a deep assessment on my site and pointed out many things that were working against me. He spent much time with me on the phone and in person to come up with a feasible game plan to overhaul my website. He worked within my budget, and his milestone payments were earned based on the stages of incremental improvement I saw in my website. I could not be more pleased with the final result when he was finished. Len and his team are intelligent, intuitive, professional, reasonably priced, and a pleasure to work with throughout the process. I highly recommend INLANDLIGHT.

    Jeffrey Herman
    Jeffrey Herman, Esq.
    Law Office of Jeffrey Herman, PLC.
  • INLANDLIGHT provided our company with great service. After meeting with us, they delivered the final website on time and on budget. Soon after the new site launched we have already had a sale come through the site. We highly recommend INLANDLIGHT for your website project.

    Bryan Bridgewater and Terren Norsworthy
    Shop owners
  • Len has a great, creative mind. Took a very technical concept and delivered a unique, custom design integrated on a highly complex, yet functional system. Beyond that, Len was very kind and communicated well during the project. I’d recommend Len for your project.

    John Rowa
    John Rowa
    President at Lemonade Stand
  • Len’s website and ancillary materials design has branded my business and put it way ahead of my competitors. His technical knowledge and artistic/creative ability combined to make an outstanding finished product. As a result of his work for my company, I am the recipient of excellent feedback regarding my website and increased business resulting in higher profits..

    Debra Kerper
    Debra Kerper
    Store owner
  • Len has been a great asset to Summit Door. His knowledge of web design and new technology is continually impressive. The 5 year relationship with INLANDLIGHT has been professional and educating. Although the firm manages many different types of companies, Len is always in tune to the needs of Summit Door. He does not attempt to put all of his clients into one group. Rather, Len stays in touch with the specific needs of the product and audience of Summit Door.

    Janet Rader
    Janet Rader
    Former President/ Owner
  • Len is always customer driven and strives to create solutions that help drive marketing and information platforms. I would recommend Len based on his experience, creativity, and concern for his client/customer. He seems to always be on the forefront of technology and partners well with other professionals.

    Mark Ealy
    Mark T. Ealy
    President/ CEO
  • I’ve known Len for over twenty years, and his creativity has always been his most impressive asset. He truly believes in his business ventures and the goods and services he provides. I recommend Len to any new or existing business professional trying to build a strong brand.

    James Valdez
    James Valdez
    CEO, Savon Pavers
  • I’ve known Len for over 20 years. He is a genuinely good man who is extremely talented. I give him my highest recommendation to anyone who chooses to work with him!

    Jeff Chavez
    Jeff Chavez
    Managing Partner
  • I have known Len for over nine years now, and in all the time I have worked directly with Len and as an industry peer, he has been customer focused, diligent in his methodology and approach to designing compelling, transaction-oriented systems for customers. Len not only is extremely professional in customer interaction, he knows how to leverage his team to rise above the task at hand to provide the best customer solution. I have always admired Len’s dedication and ability to “roll up his sleeves” on behalf of the customer. Customer focused, professional, and dedicated. Great qualities in a leader. I am happy to endorse and recommend Len and his team.

    MIke Pinette
    Michael Pinette
  • I always appreciated Len’s creative approach which he brought to the table to solve problems for customers and to provide a competitive advantage for his clients. Len has always been an a leader in creativity and innovation, always on the cutting edge.

    Additionally Len has the ability to apply his creative ideas in a powerful manner to really impact a customer’s bottom line.

    Claus Schafhalter
    Claus Schafhalter
    Executive consultant
  • Len was a pleasure to work with. He provided the necessary up front work to learn what we were to looking to accomplish with the site. It was this attention to detail in the beginning of the project that made concluding the project a seamless and trouble free experience. Thoroughly professional, I would not hesitate to recommend Len to anyone who needs to have a professional, easy to use website developed and managed.

    Phil DeBrier
    Phil DeBrier
    Branch office supervisor
  • I personally hired Len to handle a design project. Len is always passionate, has solid ideas and works well with deadlines. I would hire, partner and/or work with him again.

    Tom Turnbull
    Tom Turnbull
    Co-Founder, OpenSesame

View some of our Website Design and Website Development Work

Startups, Small Businesses, and Growing Companies.

Does your business need a website redesign?

Maybe you already have a website or maybe you feel it’s outdated.  Admittedly, we are approached with clients that feel they need a new website when in reality they just need a touch up.

Is your business website generating enough sales?

Generally, we help clients that either don’t have a website, or have currently have a website that is outdated.   Furthermore, we sometimes are able to leverage your older framework, which helps keep your cost at a minimal. 

Is your website optimized?

Similarly, we have the knowledge in most web platforms, website hosting companies and outdated website technologies. Thus helping us to be able to salvage some of the work you’ve already have done.

To sum it up, digital marketing online continues to evolve and we have refined innovative and affordable ways to help our clients start to grow, continue to grow, or reach new markets.

Our redesign web services & facelifts

  • Customer conversion optimization
  • User experience repairs/ fixes
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Overall speed and page speed ranking
  • Aesthetics and branding lift
  • Responsiveness, cloud hosting
  • Social media enabled
  • Prepare for PPC and SEM marketing
  • Security and reliability, malware repair
  • e-Commerce capable

20 years of experience you can trust

We understand startups, small business, and growing companies

First, we understand that you have many options when making a decision to build a website or selecting a website designer. Secondly, in today’s competitive market, every dollar spent on your business needs to be accounted for and used wisely. Next, we are sensitive with the term “limited budget” and are careful with business expenses.

You don’t have to learn “the hard way”

Ultimately, one of the most important aspects of making a wise choice is taking the time to do your homework when selecting a website designer or digital marketing company. In fact, many times we get customers who come to us after having a really bad experience with their designers or webmasters. Furthermore, we hear countless horror stories about companies holding your domain name hostage and literally forcing you to pay them to regain ownership. In summary, this may sound a bit over the top, however it’s not uncommon.

We’re different, we care about our clients!

At INLANDLIGHT, we take special pride in being totally different. With us, you’re getting a small dedicated team of website designers, webmasters, SEO experts, IT professionals, and digital marketers who really care about you and your business. Also, we take a special hands on approach to making sure your website project goes smoothly, and accomplishes the goals that are necessary to help enable your business to grow. To conclude, we believe every project should show ROI and we strive to deliver that for every client.

Let's chat!

We’d like to meet you! Feel free to reach out to chat. No worries if you’re not ready to move forward, we’ll give you some pointers so when you are, you know where to turn. If we can’t help you, we’ll let you know upfront. We’re in business to bring value to our clients! 

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