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Web design, cloud hosting, pay-per click advertising & management, collateral materials
website design

Project details

For over two decades INLANDLIGHT provides Stone Equipment Company full service digital marketing services, creative direction, and website design services. For instance, continuous improvements are made to the website, hosting technology, while leveraging newer internet technologies when available. Stone Equipment Company’s website, hosted on our cloud servers boasts a 100% up-time record for the last 10 years

“As a result of partnering with INLANDLIGHT, Stone Equipment can focus on servicing it’s customers and not it’s IT, website, or digital marketing.”

ClientStone Equipment Company

User experience

First, we understand Stone Equipment’s product. In particular, we experiment with various interfaces and layouts to find what works best for their customer and website visitor.  

user interface design

ppc and media buys

We manage Stone Equipment Companies media buys, and monitor and optimize daily. Our consistent optimization has led to a CTR of almost 6%, much higher then industry standard.  Our PPC strategy and solutions continue to show over a 1000% return on investment

5.94% CTR

1000% ROI

sales collateral design

Sales collateral

Clear, concise, and branded with the clients look and feel. We offer a full service creative and marketing department for Stone Equipment Company. We provide all collateral materials, including business cards, sales brochures, rate cards, and more. 

Banner ads

Many products and services will benefit from well designed and simple call to action visual banner ads. 

banner ad design

INLANDLIGHT has been our go-to creative, and digital marketing firm. We have been working with INLANDLIGHT for over 10 years and they have been instrumental in our companies growth. They handle all our creative, marketing, and technology needs. I couldn’t be more pleased with our continued partnership

Roy Stone
President/ CEO

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