Attract More Customers

Over 20 years of experience with logo & brand design.

A few samples of our logo & brand design work

We like to answer questions like these so we can design you a GREAT logo:

Is the final design of your logo unique?
Can it be easily described by someone who sees it?
Does the logo/ icon design suit the purpose of your business?
Does your logo or brand speak to your targeted customer or market?
Will it work well with your current marketing materials?
Does it reflect and define your product or service offer?
Can I do something on a limited marketing budget?
Does it provoke interest or feelings with your targeted market?

Our Logo & Brand Design – Proven Process

We start with a logo & brand design brainstorming meeting. We discuss what the business goals are, how the logo will be used, and the overall creative vision. Once we establish a creative strategy,  we will then execute with the design of three different compositions of the new logo. We normally will incorporate two different versions of the creative strategy that we discussed in our meeting, and one version that we recommend based on our analysis of your business and market. Out of the three versions, you narrow down to the one version that you like most.  We then tweak and change if necessary until you are 100% happy with your final logo.